Yellowhead Brewery

In the summer of 2012, I approached members of the Yellowhead Brewery after they took an interest in my blog, which often featured Beer. Through my Blog, I was able to come on as an Intern to work on their social media, website and to help them sales orders throughout the summer.

The experience was highly rewarding and led to further projects with the brewery after my internship finished in the summer of 2012. These included creating their Marketing/Sales plan as well as a Social Media Plan for their platforms.


  • Created the social media, sales and marketing plans for the organization to increase overall brand recognition and sales among Edmontonians
  • Wrote posts for the company’s social media pages and managed all updates on their WordPress website.
  • Wrote five blog posts on the breweries history and events
  • Coordinated the production of promotional materials between designers and the event manager
  • Represented the brewery at four promotional events
  • Handled sales calls and delivery orders, which would range from 3 to 6 deliveries a day.

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