City of Edmonton

In addition to working with the Community Services and Facilities Communications team to complete the day camp guides for the City of Edmonton, I was also able to work with the Communications Department on a handful of projects in each of their respective areas. Often, I acted as a liaison with the various departments and coordinated any of the PSA’s, events, printed materials, or media advisories that the client of that area needed. Below are some of the pieces I was able to work on for them.


City of Edmonton Drop-in booklet

This project was developed in partnership between both the Community Services side of the day camps, as well as the facilities day camps group, to create affordable fun activities for families in the Edmonton area.


Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.13.40 PM.png
Kinsmen Park announcement

The Kinsmen club of Edmonton, in partnership with the City of Edmonton, constructed a brand new park beside the Kinsmen Centre in downtown Edmonton. To announce the opening of the park, I worked with representatives and councilors at the City of Edmonton to organize a press event and family-fun activities to promote the grand opening. Activities included showing families and schools the new facility, park, and providing free food for attendees.

I assisted my supervisor with the coordination of the event, as well as writing a media advisory, to attract media to the event. Overall the event was well received, and we had over 6 news outlets attend the opening ceremonies. Below are the Poster, PSA and the media advisory for the event.




Garlic Mustard Seed

The City of Edmonton plans a yearly garlic mustard seed pull for the Mill creek ravine, to prevent the abundance of the weed in the ravine area. To do this, they often send out a media advisory as well as messaging to the Mill Creek area to recruit volunteers to help pull the weeds.

I coordinated this event, as well as writing all of the formal communication materials to attract volunteers for the events dates. Below is the media advisory.


Jane’s Walk

Is an event organized by the City of Edmonton to promote the life of Jane Jacobs, an urbanist, who believed the best way to connect a city and its citizens, is to explore, talk about and celebrate the neighborhoods, their form, function history, and architecture.

I was able to act as the main coordinator of this event, and wrote the MA for the event, as well as writing an article in the City of Edmonton’s, Transforming Edmonton Blog. Below are each of the pieces I worked on.





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