City of Edmonton Summer Day Camps

24279 Facilities Digital Sign Terwillegar proof (1)-page-001
Facility Guide

Copy of 2014 Summer Daycamps Facilities

24298 LRT Station Digital Billboard press hr (1)
Community Guide


While working at the City of Edmonton my primary duty was to coordinate and work with the many projects that were going on with the Summer Day camps. I began by meeting with my clients and mapping out a timeline for project deliverables, events, and media buys. This was much more difficult at the beginning since my two clients had different budgets and different concepts for how they wanted to brand themselves (As can be noted in the above examples).


The Facilities side of day camps had a much larger budget and wanted to focus on some of the new deliverables due to their recent re-brand. The Community client instead wanted to stick with a very similar design to that of the previous year, due to their smaller budget. Initially, this was difficult since some of the advertising that went out to promote the guides, needed to be collaborative. In the end, the Facilities pieces were chosen as the main advertising piece for both clients since it saved money on design and production costs, as well as highlighting a much more attractive piece of design work.


While working with both clients I coordinated and completed all of the following materials listed below.

  • Communications plan
  • Social media plan
  • Billboard advertisements
  • Acting as a liaison between the facility and community guide groups, as well as the designers and the production team
  • Coordinating the production of guides, handbills, adverts in magazines and papers, posters
  • Writing copy for advertisements
  • Developing strategy for new and creative alternatives for promoting the day camp guides.

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