Chrysalis (ACE presentations)

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Student Ace presentation

Recently, I had the great opportunity to work with a program that ACE puts on every year that involves pairing up a couple of students to work on an advertising campaign for a client in the city. I had the chance to work with Gordon Montgomery (tel: 780-902-9290, as my mentor throughout this project as well as Chantelle Campbell ( a student from the U of A).

The client was Chrysalis, a local non-for-profit that was updating, and launching a re-brand of their businesses. Chrysalis focused on helping mentally disabled individuals learn practical work-life skills while selling the products that they were working on, which primarily consisted of specific woods and plastics. Their primary customers tended to be businesses, and would often have contracts with clients for long periods of time.

After much thought about ideas that we thought might entice, and catch the attention of Chrysalis’s target consumer we came up with a campaign. We saw that most of the people who tend to buy products such as woods and plastics from companies like Chrysalis often have no idea how they are made and that it is simply a cost-competitive industry. Most of the businesses that had worked with chrysalis really enjoyed the fact that it was a non-for-profit, and that it truly helped people behind the scenes. We derived from this sentiment that chrysalis truly does quite a bit and they need to create advertisements that allow businesses to highlight and “see more” of what they do.

We came up with some playful advertisements that highlighted the concept of “seeing more” with pictures of familiar objects shaped with undertones of the companies products. In the advertisement, we also made sure to highlight the aspects of the non-for-profit side, and listed some quick and helpful information about Chrysalis. The advertisement also included a QR code, which leads the patron to another advertisement or the brand new site that chrysalis had recently launched. This allowed the patron to essentially “see more” about the business in an easy and interactive way.

We had a 5000-dollar budget, so we decided to come up with a fairly efficient method of targeting their main target audience with different cost effective mediums. These included posters, direct mailers, and posters in the Newad restaurant/bar distribution (retro). The posters were to be distributed in highly trafficked areas, primarily in the downtown core or business areas that housed companies that used wood and plastic products. The direct mailers were to be mailed out to businesses individually, highlighting the benefits of Chrysalis, as well as companies price points. The Newad distribution cycle of posters was to be put into restaurants and bars in and around locations that the target market usually frequented. We highlighted many of the benefits, and impressions that each of the pieces would help bring to Chrysalis.

All of the work was well received by the client and was seen as a very interesting and fresh take on a way to attract customers. Unfortunately, it was not chosen as the winner, but we were thanked for offering up a very creative solution.

Social media strategy

The overall social media strategy was to bring customers, as well as draw attention to the brand new website that Chrysalis had launched. The method for attracting customers was through the direct mail pieces and posters that were mentioned earlier on above. The QR code that was displayed in each of those advertisements was meant to attract customers to the website and act as the main link between the customer and the site. Throughout the campaign, Chrysalis indicated that they were not entirely looking for a huge social media presence, but we indicated to them that there could be many positive benefits to go along with the campaign. Some of these included highlighting the use of the “see more” campaign through many of the popular social media marketing channels. Allowing them to build off of the “see more” campaign, they could use it to highlight many different corporate responsibility projects in the area.

For example, if you saw a great corporate socially responsible act that a company had done, a patron was asked to take a photo of it and post it on a facebook “see more” page. This act would highlight that customers of Chrysalis and the community can always ‘see more” care being put into a product. This is why each of the advertisements had twitter, and facebook logos.


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